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Some of you know might know me as The Menopause Coach, The Yoga for Women's Health teacher, founder of The Yoga Room..... basically all things to do with menopause, women's health and yoga.

I know - doesn't seem like I build bespoke websites for health and wellness professionals.

But for many years I have had a "side hustle". That thing that we do because it's fun, because we enjoy it, and it gives us something that we don't get from the other thing we spend so much of our time doing.

I started building websites for friends and family a few years ago, and discovered I actually enjoyed it. Plus people were really happy with the results - and more importantly they felt that the website truly reflected who they were, what they did and how they helped people.

So I decided to combine my two loves - website creation and health and wellness - and today I am building websites for health and wellness coaches and professionals.

Because I am passionate about supporting my clients to improve their health and wellbeing, I am uniquely positioned to help YOU build your website. I understand your language, how you help your client and how to express that through your website and other promotional material.

It's NOT what I ever thought I would do, but I love the response I get when I present a tailor-made website to a client, who is just waiting to show of THEIR services to their own clients!

Looking forward to helping you too.


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